Daniel Wright - be aware people

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I had a lengthy meeting with Tim last night. He showed me the emails and SMS messages that he has received from this Daniel Wright, who is currently in Dubai. We also had a conference call with Daniels ex girlfriend, Natalja, who expressed MAJOR concern over Daniels actions towards her since she left him due to an alleged affair.

This Daniel Wright appears to be a complete fruitcake who, it seems has been posting numerous messages on various websites concerning Natalja. Furthermore, he has been posting negative comments about Tim and UK Private Investigators, on various websites, using various fake names. The reason for this? Simply because Tim refused to assist him in finding Natalja, after realising that Daniels intentions were not ethical.

I understand that the matter has now been referred to The Police and Daniels employers, who have assured Natalja that this matter will be investigated and where required, charges against Daniel will be brought.

I can assure anyone reading this, that if you require a competent, hard working and ethical Private Investigator, you will find that Tim and UK Private Investigators excel.

If you wish to contact me regarding this, please feel free to do so at petercameron100@yahoo.co.uk


Hampton, Richmond Upon Thames, United Kingdom #965733

By the way this email address on the above statement belongs to me and I have nothing to do with this PI firm (never heard of them), Daniel (dont know him), Tim (Tim who?), or anyone associated with this. I have had to close my email account which was used illegally on this posting.

London, London, United Kingdom #941321

''We treat all enquires in the strictest confidence''.........an extract from the uk private investigators website.....after this review he clearly doesnt! What ever happened why is this being posted online when it states ALL enquires in the strictest of confidence, i take it that means plastering it all over the web then. Food for thought.

Sheffield, England, United Kingdom #691350

All of the above is a complete lie, All comments are unfounded and that NONE of the above comments are true. The fact some people are sick enough to go to these lengths to spill malicious slander is disgusting.

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